I’m beginning to imagine creepie crawlies

Now that autumn is here and winter is just around the corner the long sunny days of summer are long gone and with them are all the insects and other creey crawlies – I’m beginning to get withdrawal symptoms! In fact I’m even beginning to imagine species and create new ones. Here is my latest invention.

Ivy millipedeHere it is – I’ve called it an ivy millipede

Of course millipedes and centipedes are still around – they are living under rocks, stones and moss patches! They have a useful role to play in regulating our natural environment. Millipedes are ‘detritivores’ – that is they go around clearing up all the minute fragments of decaying material whilst centipedes are predators.

For the record – millipedes are two pairs of legs per body segment whilst centripedes have just a single pairs.

Upon reflection I’m not sure if my animal is a millipede or a centipdes now! Have you seen any imaginary animals out and about recently?

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