A winter moth appears

The other night during one of those heavy downpours we were coming back into the house when we were raced to the door by a moth. The moth shot in and then promptly disappeared. Managed to track the animal down yesterday.

Feathered thornIt’s a feathered thorn – so named because of the beautiful plumed or feather like antennae

This species of moth is in a group called the thorns and the feathered thorn has one generation a year and is on the wing as a moth between September and December. It very much is an autumn / winter specialist. By mid December the moths will have mated and laid eggs on a broad-leaved tree – such as oak, hazel, willow or hawthorn. The egg will then overwinter and finally hatch in the spring when the leaves start to emerge on the tree.

Moths of Devon

According to Roy McCormick’s book – the Moths of Devon – Feathered thorns are ‘widespread throughout the county’ in broadleaved woodlands and gardens around the county. Details about the Devon Moth Group can be found here.

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