The new Powderham cycle bridge is open

The section of cycle track from the Turf Locks to Powderham is now officially open. We took a ride down there yesterday from Exton to have look and try it out. It’s brilliant and means it is safe to cycle from Exeter down to Starcross and on to Dawlish Warren on cycle trails or quiet roads all the way.

Bridge1It’s a pretty substantial bridge which crosses the main line railway

Bridge2Much safer than playing chicken on the railway line

Bridge3The gradient up and over and then down is perfect for cycling

Bridge5The work has only just finished and all the mud will vegetate over this coming spring

Bridge4There are also some viewing points along the trail where you get spectacular views over the Estuary – here we are looking back to the Turf Locks

4 thoughts on “The new Powderham cycle bridge is open

  1. I’ve watched this rise to completion – an excellent job well done, a few niggles and set backs but then it’s magnificent in the end & yes, much safer than the lethal railway crossing and it will save lives in future for certain.

  2. Hi Adrian, Every cycle loving girl I know feels very intimidated by the high walls/sides which lead to total lack of visibility on the bridge. It becomes a subway in the air. No one knows if anybody is up there. Bad enough in the daytime let alone dusk. The bridge is a great idea; the design a tragedy.

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