Cycling across the water

Following on from the success of our bike ride last week out to the Turf Locks to view the new cycle trail we thought we would try and cycle an Exe estuary circuit today. So Caroline and I along with her parents Valery and Clive headed for Exmouth to hire a couple of bikes and get ready for the expedition.

Bikelands have always been very helpful in the past and today was no exception.

Exmouth cycle 7Clive’s bike complete with advertising hoarding

Exmouth cycle 6Valery’s bike complete with red plastic flowers (!?)

Exmouth cycle 1From Exmouth – it is a ferry ride across to Starcross £5.50 each with a bike – not something to do everyday but great for a special treat! Note today is the last day for the ferry – it doesn’t run again now until spring 2015…….

Exmouth cycle 2Great sunshine views back to Exmouth

Exmouth cycle 3And into Starcross – note there is a bit of bike lifting and carrying over bridges etc before the cycling begins

Exmouth cycle 4Here is the amazing new bridge over the railway between Powderham and Turf Locks!

The new section is now nearly nearly finished – I reckon 3/4 plus is now tarmaced – two weeks? Either way you can cycle slowly along the old walking route.

Exmouth cycle 5Onwards to Exeter Quay for lunch at Canal View Cafe

Cycle ride 31-Oct-14And here’s the map / route – 22 mile round trip


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