The Whitehorse Hill Exhibition

Yesterday I went to the Whitehorse Hill exhibition at Plymouth Museum. I have written in the past about this archaeological excavation because it is so important in the story  of Dartmoor and gives us completely new insights into how people lived back in the Bronze Age and how sophisticated their lives were. See here for example – where I talked about the bear skin that found found in the cist.

Any one with an interest in Dartmoor should go to this exhibition – it is free and will take about 30 minutes to view. Unfortunately photography isn’t permitted so instead I have taken a few photos of the excellent DNPA booklet which accompanies the exhibition.

WH1Here are the details of the exhibition

WH2Plymouth Museum is close to the Drake’s Centre and opposite Plymouth University – full details here

WH3Here is the cover of the DNPA booklet – more details of the dig here.

WH4The story of the beads – made 0f shale from Dorset, amber from the Baltic, ceramic beads (clay not from Devon) and tin

WH5The story of the bear pelt

Try and get there before the 13th December.


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