Navigating around Haytor and Hound Tor – a good intro walk

As we move into autumn it suddenly becomes time again to start the 10 Tors training cycle all over again! We started the process yesterday with a group of year 9 students teaching them the basics of map reading and navigation. We based ourselves around Haytor and Hound Tor – so not big distances but lots of opportunity to learn how to take a bearing and go in the right direction!

Hound-Heytor1Here is a group at Hound Tor looking back to Haytor

Hound-Heytor3It may have been an overcast day but the moor was pretty busy  – here is a group of novice climbers at Hound Tor

Hound-Heytor2This is the Becka Brook between Haytor and Hound Tor – very low river levels so an easy river crossing!

Hound-Heytor7One of the quarries around Holwell Tor

Hound-Heytor6The remains of the old quarry tram way tracks

Hound-Heytor4Back to the car  park via Haytor

Hound-Heytor5Four of this year’s foals at the Haytor visitor centre car park.

A successful day with a group of enthusiastic students – bodes well for the coming months!

If you want a good introductory walk to Dartmoor I can recommend a gentle walk from Haytor to Holwell Tor, over the Becka Brook to Greator Rocks and then up to Hound Tor – its around 2.5 miles (each way) and as long as the visibility is good you can see exactly where you are aiming for and where you have come from. A great walk to practice map reading and gaining your moorland confidence.

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