Blackberry and dewberry

I suspect that everyone at some point has become entangled in a bramble! Fewer people are aware that not all brambles are blackberries. There is another pretty common bramble in our countryside too – the dewberry. Now autumn is here and the fruits are present it is much easier to spot dewberries and tell them apart from blackberries.

BlackberryThis is the blackberry – a vey familiar sight. The stems are covered in strong prickles which can easily cut our skins.

DewberryHere is the fruit of the dewberry  – superficially similar to the blackberry but a more frosted blue. The prickles on the dewberry are not as dense or as fierce as those on the blackberry.

Worth keeping your eyes open in Dartmoor’s woods for the dewberry – they are also pretty common on the coast especially on sand dunes. Unfortunately dewberries don’t taste very good – they are much more tart than blackberries – probably the reason I guess that most people have never heard of them.

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