Unmanned aerial vehicles and habitat management

I’ve been up in Cumbria for 3 days at our Wildlife Advisor’s training conference. One of the things we saw and discussed was the use of ‘unmanned aerial vehicles’ (UAVs) and their use in helping us manage wildlife sites. UAVs carry cameras and can fly over sites and photograph them. As a result they could be really helpful in allowing us to accurately map habitats and therefore aid our future manage of places.

UAV3They are small and portable and this model can carry a compact camera

UAV1In flight over Foulshaw Moss a lowland raised bog owned and managed by the Cumbria Wildlife Trust

UAV2This is a bigger vehicle which can carry a digital SLR and a GoPro

I was pretty impressed by the demonstration and am currently mulling over where we could use such technology to help us manage our places more effectively for wildlife. I think we will see UAVs being used more and more and not just for habitat management – they are also a great way to photograph / video buildings too – a cheap way of inspecting a roof for example without the need of erecting expensive scaffolding.

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