Daddy long legs spider

This is a spider that I expect everyone has seen  – in Devon they always live in doors – normally hanging up in the corner of the shower or the toilet. They are known as daddy long legs spiders or Pholcus phalangeoides. They are pretty ferocious predators but are completely harmless to us. More information on them here. The following spider was photographed at Finch Foundry but I had also recorded them at Parke, Drogo, Lydford, Plymbridge and my home in Exton – they are pretty common.

Pholcus 1


One of the classic features of Pholcus is that when disturbed they shake around in the clockwise fashion – I guess the idea is to put off a predator with this rather odd behaviour.

Pholcus dist

This is a southern based species (map courtesy of the British Arachnological Society.

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