Still enjoying the summer and another gig boat- fancy a go?

One of the key things we have been trying to do in the National Trust over the last few years is to encourage people to get outdoors and closer to nature. Many of my previous blogs have done just that by showing places in and around Dartmoor that are worth a visit. I have have also tried to show your some of the amazing animals and plants that lives there and tell you some of the stories that are linked to those places.

My blog today is about one of the things that I do which helps me get outdoors and closer to nature whilst at the same time gives me a bit of exercise too. It is not Dartmoor related but does involve some National Trust places.

I took up gig rowing earlier this year after a new gig club was formed in Exmouth close to where I live. It gets me out twice a week on the Exe Estuary and onto the sea toward the NT’s property at Orcombe Point. Last night after work we were all out again enjoying the ongoing summer.

Exmouth 1The sun begins to set over the Exe

Exmouth 2The third and final outing of the evening commences (18 people were able to row last night)

I can really recommend gig rowing for all the reasons outlined above. Do you fancy giving it a go? All sorted of people get involved and it really isn’t just for the super fit. Well the Exmouth Gig Rowing Club have an open day tomorrow afternoon where we are trying to encourage new people to get involved – why not come down if you live in the Exeter / Exmouth area? Details can be found here.

Exmouth 3I love these handprints in the concrete on the slipway at Exmouth



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