Some boats at Cotehele Quay

We held our Devon and Tamar Valley General Managers’ meeting at the Edgecombe Arms (NT cafe – recommended) on Cotehele Quay yesterday – it was a glorious day – the start of our Indian Summer? Took a few snaps of the area – full photo set here.

Cotehele4Sunny, calm and beautiful at Cotehele Quay – perfect

Cotehele1Here is Zeus – one of the racing pilot gigs of the Cotehele Quay Gig Club

Cotehele5And here are their other TWO boats! We’ve only got one boat – the Rodney Bey at the Exmouth Gig Club – something to aspire to

Cotehele6From a different era? Not really – here is the Shamrock – the last of the Tamar barges – same era as the original gigs

Cotehele7The Shamrock is owned by the National Trust and we are always looking for donations to keep her running

Cotehele3I love the old industrial machinery on the Quay

Cotehele9There is a massive colony of maidenhair fern (introduced not native) in the old limekilns

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