A walk from Princetown

On Saturday afternoon we had a short walk from Princetown down the disused railway towards King’s Tor – lovely weather and lots of people.

Leather TorLooking south to Leather Tor and the plantations at Burrator reservoir

PonyA rather classic Dartmoor pony

FoalAnd a foal

Ingra TorDown the railway towards Ingra Tor and the Tamar just outside Plymouth in the background

Mushroom 1A mushroom feeding on some pony dung – perhaps Conocybe coprophila? (Fungi is not one of the groups of wildlife I know much about!)

Yellow mushroomA rather splendid yellow mushroom – any ideas? Mushrooms in August – seems an early season?

Dartmoor breweryBack towards Princetown is the new Dartmoor brewery building

GodI was struck by this icon on the end of the blacksmith building in the car park
– God with an eagle and a handful of thunderbolts in front of the prison!

SwallowsA lot of swallows still around – waiting for the journey south

A great walk – if you have more time than we did you can walk down the railway and then around King’s Tor – you can see Vixen Tor behind and take in the quarries at Swelltor and Foggintor – recommended – easy walking all the way along the old railway

One thought on “A walk from Princetown

  1. The yellow mushroom might be hygrocybe persistens aka persistent waxcap. (I’m very much an amateur forager – an expert would require to know its dimensions, habitat etc.)

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