Finch Foundry’s groundhoppers

I was over at Finch Foundry during the week having a meeting with Devon County Council and the West Country Rivers Trust about some damage at the intake of the leat in Sticklepath which powers Finch’s water wheels – it was damaged in last winter’s storms.

Finch leat damageThe sandbags show the area of damage

The damage is not on our land but it is in our interests (along with all the other owners of land along the leat) that it is fixed so that flooding does not occur the next time the River Taw is in spate. Fortunately the WCRT have agree to repair the damage and the work should take place in September – thank you!

As I mentioned in an earlier post August (and September) are the main months for grasshoppers and crickets and as the County Recorder for these animals in Devon I always try and find a couple of minutes when I am at various places to record the species that are present. Whilst at Finch I had a quick look at the fire site on our land where the Sticklepath Fire Show takes place and I managed to record a couple of tiny orthoptera known as groundhoppers.

Common groundhopperHere is the common groundhopper – tiny – around 9mm long – note the wing cases do not extend beyond the end of the abdomen

Slender groundhopperHere is the slender groundhopper – the wing cases here do extend beyond the end of the abdomen. Both species are common in the southern part of the UK but are easily overlooked as they are so small! Both species live on open bare ground

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