Two more rarities from Parke – one new one not so new

A couple of days ago I found a wasp spider a Parke – a new record for the property. On the same day I also found this hoverfly which was also a new record.

Arctophila superbiens 3This is Arctophila superbiens

Arctophila superbiens 2You can see it is a hoverfly and not a bumblebee which it is mimicking because of its very large compound eyes.

Common carderThis is the common carder bumblebee – Bombus pascuorum also photographed at Parke which it is mimicking (note the small eyes)

Arctophila superbiensAs you can see from the distribution map of Arctophila superbiens – it has a very western and northern distribution in the UK – not very common in the south west.

Long-winged  conehead 1At the same time I also managed to photograph this bush cricket – the long winged cone head Conocephalus discolour – bush crickets have very long antennae which distinguishes them from grasshoppers

LWCH 1990Here is the national distribution of the long winged cone head up to 1990 – not in Devon

LWCHHere is the distribution now in 2014 – it is clearly spreading north and west – probably as a result of the warming climate. It is a species of rough grasslands – that it why it likes the river meadows at Parke.


Clouded yellowIncidentally I also recorded this species of butterfly – the clouded yellow – a vagrant that has flown over from the continent as a result of the recent warm weather.


3 thoughts on “Two more rarities from Parke – one new one not so new

  1. Hi Adrian. I photographed a Conehead at park a few weeks ago..up in the sheep field above the orchard…. beautiful creatures. 😀

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