Chagford Show antics

Yesterday was the Chagford Show which is partially held on NT land in the Teign Valley below Castle Drogo – it is my favourite country show – fantastic location, lots of people, lots of animals and lots of our friends – classic Dartmoor. Well done to the organisers for another great Show. The National Trust and the Woodland Trust turned out in force! It is one of the occasions during the year when we get a chance to meet up with the public and the various other people we work with on the moor to have a good chat. Here are a few pictures from the day.

TomTom Wood – Area Ranger in the Teign Valley ……. with a ferret

Ferret rouletteHere’s why Tom had the ferret! Ferret roulette – guess which pipe the ferret will emerge from! Thanks to Stuart Mathieson, another our Rangers in the Valley for bring his pet ferrets!

MickMick Jones – Lead Ranger on North Dartmoor is snail racing!

Wild TribeThe Wild Tribe team – fire lighting

Drogo teamSome of the Drogo team in period costume.

Woodland TrustNow we manage Fingle Woods with the Woodland Trust they came to the show too

DaveDave Rickwood from the Woodland Trust making bird and dormice boxes

SueGood to see Sue from the Dartmoor Magazine – big plug – I’ve got an article in the next edition on the cottages at the Dewerstone!

DNPADartmoor National Park Authority  and the Dartmoor Preservation Association were also there

Tim CoxGood also to see Tim Cox and his team – Tim processes the timber from the valley and turns it into wood chip so that it can be used in the Castle Drogo wood chip boiler.

JennyHere is Jenny from Active Dartmoor with their brilliant new show trailer – thanks for free publicity! Another plug – the current issue has an article I did on the NT in the Plym Valley

All in all a great day – see you all again next year – if, of course, not before.

3 thoughts on “Chagford Show antics

  1. I was impressed by the work on the cottage at dewerstone when I ambled past there last week (on holiday). Quite a contrast to my last visit 3 yrs ago. And well done for finding the wasp spider. I’ve seen it on Orford Ness and at Horsey.

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