August is the month for grasshoppers

As August unfolds the grasshoppers are practically all adult now. Grasshoppers dont have caterpillars which develop into chrysalis which then transform into adults – they simple hatch from eggs and go through a series of ‘instars’ – tiny versions of the eventual adult. By August they have fully developed!

Meadow grasshopperHere is a meadow grasshopper – a common Dartmoor species – has a characteristic song too trrrr      trrrr  trrr. Photographed yesterday at Parke.

Common green grasshopperHere is a common green grasshopper – very common on the moor too – his song is  similar to the meadow grasshopper but is a bit louder and goes on for a lot longer trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Field GrasshopperAnd here is a field grasshopper – prefers drier areas – its song is zip….zip….zip!

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