A trip to the Puglia

We spent 5  days in the Puglia – the heal of Italy. Here are a few photos and some links to my photos of 5 towns along with the characteristic traditional buildings of the region – the trulli.

We stayed in a trulli near to Locorotundo. Trulli are traditional buildings dating back to the 15th century and have very distinctive round chiancarelle roof stones. The classic village for trulli is Alberobella where over 1000 such buildings can be found and as a result the village has been designated a World Heritage Site.

Alberobella 16Here is a link to other photos from Alberobella – all in all a pretty amazing place despite being rather overrun by tourists.

Locorotondo 11Nearby Locorotondo has a classic bell tower and a massive Catholic church (just like everywhere else we visited!) Here is the link to the photo set from Locorotondo.

Cisternino 2This is rather an upmarket street in Cisternino – all the towns in the area contain white painted houses in the old quarters – they rather resemble Greek villages as a result. Here is the link to the Cisternino photo set.

Ostuni 4Ostuni is a large town with a classic old quarter containing a Catherdral – again white buildings. Here is the link to the Ostuni photo set.

Martina Franca 14Martina Franca was the final town we visited  – again a huge church and white old quarter – photo set here.

Trulli 12Here is the trullo we stayed in near Locorotondo – magical!

Trulli 19Here is the link to this photo set.

An amazing trip in Baroque Italy – definitely worth a visit.


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