Butterflies from southern Italy

I’ve just spent 5 days in the Puglia Region of southern Italy. The weather was of course really hot and sunny and therefore the perfect conditions for one of my favourite activities – photographing butterflies. Here is a small selection of my photos – fuller photo set here.

Swallowtail 4Always a favourite of mine – the swallowtail – pretty common everywhere we went (in the UK we have a sub species of the swallowtail which is smaller and subtly different – only now survives in the Norfolk Broads)

Scarce swallowtail 2The scarce swallowtail – the commonest species we saw by far!

With climate change we can expect the swallowtail and the scarce swallowtail to colonise this country – they are both waiting just over the Channel!

Spotted fritillary 1The spotted fritillary  – a southern European species

Southern White Admiral 3The southern white admiral

Cleopatra 2The Cleopatra – looks like a brimstone but male has bright orange upper wings

A great short trip and a post to follow on the amazing baroque architecture and the distinctive houses of the region called trulli.

3 thoughts on “Butterflies from southern Italy

  1. been in Puglia 2days, and have seen each of the species you have shown (also really impressed by your flickr album) and you have helped me by supplying the names of the butterfies we have encountered in our Trulli garden.

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