How to remove a hornet from your house

We’ve got a hornet’s nest under the roof of our house this year and as a result in the last three days I have had to remove  four hornets from inside the house – one in the bedroom, two in the living room and one in the kitchen.

Hornit 6Close up of one of the hornet’s face – remember they sting not bite.

Hornit 8On the draining board – the sting is in the tail

Hornit 7On drink’s bottle – note that a hornet is yellow and red/brown compared to a wasp which is yellow and black – oh yes they are much bigger too…

I thought it might be helpful to share my technique for safely removing them from the house. Same technique can be used to removed wasps, bumblebees and spiders.

In order to demonstrate this I have deployed my hornet whelk acquired last year on the Isles of Scilly for this very purpose.

Hornit 1Hornet has finally settled on the wall. Be patient – don’t try and catch the hornet while it is flying around
– you will only aggravate it and it will end it tears – literally.

Hornit 2 Calmly place a clear glass over the hornet – with a clear glass you can see what you are doing

Hornit 3Then gently slide a piece of paper (list of things to do – not essential) under the glass and under the hornet

Hornit 4Allow the hornet to walk up the glass

Hornit 5Finally tip the glass up with the paper firmly over the opening
– take the glass and the hornet outside and release – aiming the hornet way from you whilst you do it.

What could possibly go wrong.


5 thoughts on “How to remove a hornet from your house

  1. Ha ha haaa Adrian… That certainly made me laugh!
    Although it is a good technique.. I always use a glass and a piece of thin card. Thanks for sharing… Love your hornet whekl !

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