Visting Brentor

I was on the way back from Lydford Gorge to our shop (Sexton’s Cottage) in Widecombe yesterday and decided to have my lunch at Brentor. You can see Brentor from all over Dartmoor and it is one of the features I always point out to our 10 Tors students – a good place to get a bearing on! However I had never before climbed up to the church.

There is a debate about the derivation of the word Brentor – maybe it is from the Anglo-Saxon ‘brene’ meaning burn – perhaps referring to the use of beacons on the hill top, alternatively it may derive from the Celtic word ‘bryn’ meaning hill or mound.

There are also a number of legends (it is Dartmoor after all!) about how/ why the church was built and a number of course involve the Devil himself. You can read about those stories here.

Brentor 3This is one of the classic views – taken by the car park on the Lydford – Tavistock back road.

Brentor 7The sundial dated 1694 – one of the oldest in Devon.

Brentor 5What an amazing view – right across to Dartmoor – Sourton Tor, Great Links and High Willhays all visible

Brentor 6Inside the church

Brentor 4More lovely views to the south

Brentor 2Bird’s foot trefoil growing on the Tor

Brentor 1Definitely worth a visit – its a pretty easy climb and the views north, south, east and west are unparalleled

One thought on “Visting Brentor

  1. Looking at your pictures reading your comments brings back many happy memories asa child visiting grandparents who lived in Tavistock

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