Some sunshine and shower insects

Yesterday was a day of sunshine and showers at Parke. When the sun was out it was really hot and as a result we had a visit from this amazing hummingbird hawkmoth.

Hummingbird hawk moth 3Look how long its proboscis is!

Hummingbird hawk moth 2Incredibly fast wing beats

Hummingbird hawk moth 1The animal darts from flower to flower very quickly. This is a migrant species and the recent warm weather has brought it over from the continent. Sometimes they stay and breed ….

Sodden bumblebeeOn the other hand this bumblebee got a real soaking sat on top of this teasel. Fortunately once the sun came out it dried out and carried on as normal

Bombus lucorum maleBack in the sunshine this male white tailed bumblebee (Bombus lucorum) is making the most of his limited feeding time

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