I have never seen so many bumblebees before or Tolkien’s hat

We went to Rosemoor yesterday – the RHS Gardens near Torrington in North Devon. Have never seen so many bumblebees on one place! There were literally thousands of individuals throughout the gardens with huge congregations on some of the labiate flowers. I managed to record 8 different species: buff tailed, white tailed, red tailed, early, tree, common carder, heath and garden bumblebees. A real treat. Here are a few pictures.

Bombus jonellus 2The heath bumblebee – Bombus jonellus – sandy coloured

Bombus lucorumThe garden bumblebee – Bombus lucorum – lemon yellow and the yellow face patch

Bombus pascuorumThe common carder Bombus pascuorum – ginger hairs all over its body

Insect houseNear the education centre is the biggest insect house I’ve ever seen too!

Rosemoor is currently also hosting a Tolkien theme – another of my favourite obsessions! There is an exhibition of paintings by Ted Nasmith along with some Middle Earth themed installations in the garden.

Tolkein's hat1The exhibition also features Tolkien’s hat!

DragonThere is a dragon on the shed in the herb garden

TrollA troll on the way to the Walled Garden

Hobbit houseAnd a hobbit house hear the Education Centre

There are various other installations to find too via Rosemoor’s trail – all very good fun – its on until the end of the summer holidays – 25th August

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