Aira Force – the Lydford Gorge of the Lake District

I had heard a lot about Aira Force before I visited it – indeed a team from the Lakes visited Lydford Gorge last year because of the similarities and they wanted to compare and contrast. On my visit to the Lakes it was my chance to return the compliment and do the same exercise. Yes they are both rather similar but are also rather different if that makes sense! Being in the Lake District the site gets many more visitors than Lydford Gorge but otherwise very comparable.

Aira Force is located on the banks of Ullswater and like Lydford Gorge was visited by the intrepid Victorians in search of natural wonders. The spirit of place statement for Aira Force says ‘A showcase for the power and beauty of nature, a place to escape the ordinary. Aira Force is much more than an impressive waterfall. Take time to weave your way from the water’s edge to fell top and you’ll also find champion trees, rare wildlife, woodland glades, perfect picnic spots, pebble beaches and beautiful views‘. Well – you wouldn’t have to change many words to make that a valedictory about Lydford Gorge.

Aira Falls 3There are water filled gorges

Aira Falls 5Steps!

Aira Falls 4Pools

Aira Falls 6

And of course a waterfall – not as high as the White Lady Waterfall and nothing like the Devil’s Cauldron but many of its own features to make up for that

Tababus sudeticus 4

And impressive wildlife – like this Giant Dark Horsefly (Tabanus sudectus)

Aira Falls 1The team have also produced a great guide map showing all the options for walking

Aira Falls 2As well as special features and other nearby places to visit

A great morning out – if you are in the Lakes why not compare and contrast with Lydford Gorge for yourself?

I am assuming you have been to Lydford Gorge? N0? Well I recommend you do that too!

Finally I guess if you are from the Lakes you might see things differently? Lydford Gorge is the Aira Force of Dartmoor!

3 thoughts on “Aira Force – the Lydford Gorge of the Lake District

  1. Hi Adrian. I was wandering if you could help me? I was wandering if you could recommend a great wild camping spot around Plymouth/Ivybridge/Totnes end of Dartmoor? There are just 4 of us, and as you can probably guess from my blog we would leave absolutely nothing behind. It’s my 21st and all I want to do is wake up in the middle of nowhere! A river/ reservoir where swimming is allowed and some woodland would be perfect. I know Burrator reservoir and a few popular places like that but would really like somewhere slightly less busy. Hope you can help! Thanks, Poppy

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