Swimming Loch Ness – the celebrations

I ended my last blog on the Loch Ness swim rather unsatisfactorily – there were no pictures of the victorious quartet – indeed it was all rather dark – most people were rather cold and everyone just wanted to to go home! Well to get around this unfortunate situation we all decided to meet up next day on the very beach we had been 18 hours previously to celebrate (this time it was sunny and light).

Swim 14I am a witness to these events – not the director – the credit for ideas behind this series of pictures must go to the swimmers, especially Andrea!

Had it been light and had everyone come ashore together it would have looked something like this

Swim 19Four honorary wild highlanders – quite right too

Swim 16Time for some fizz – well deserved – I had some too! Thank you very much.


Swim 17Cheers and look how far it is down the Loch…

Swim 18The swimming caps are thrown into the sky in celebration …. at least I managed to capture one of them.


Swim 22Lochend

 I have updated the Flickr account with some more pictures – I am promised more in the future …….

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