Swimming Loch Ness

Yesterday I was witness to a very impressive achievement. 4 ladies swam the entire length of Loch Ness (23 miles) in a relay without wetsuits! Holy moly I hear you say – indeed! We started the expedition at 5.15am at Fort Augustus and finished just after midnight – over 19 hours of swimming. Water temperature in Loch Ness was around 12 degrees……

The weather started off quite nice but did deteriorate as the afternoon progressed producing some heavy rain and waves on the Loch. I think we might have missed the worst of the English storms but only just. Here are a few photos from the event.

Swim 1The swimmers, boat crews and officiators the day before we plan to go – note blue sky and flat loch

Swim 2The swimmers – Pauline, Andrea, Helan and Caroline – raising money for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust, the RNLI on Loch Ness and a children’s respite home in Dorset – Julia’s House

Swim 35am on Saturday 19th July – getting ready to go

Swim 45.13am and Caroline is about is start the day off

Swim 5Caroline swimming with one of the three support boats

Swim 86am sun comes over the mountains of the Great Glen and reflects on the loch

Swim 6Hi Mum – hope you have a good day!!

Swim 7A swimmer followed by the convoy

Swim 9As the day progresses the gloom, mist and rain descends

photoHere is the weather map showing what happened next. Not a great day for swimming, watching swimming or photographing swimming!

Swim 11The bay at Lower Foyers

Swim 10A swimmer changeover – Pauline’s finished her hour and Caroline has just started hers.

Swim 13Here is Lochend at 10pm – still 2 hours to go

Swim 12

Andrea’s ashore with hubby Ian and son Ethan.

The photo set can be seen here – will add some pictures in the coming days.

Sorry haven’t got any better pictures of the end – it was dark, late and were standing in the wrong place despite the long wait and it all happened rather quickly. A big thanks to all involved – lots of money raised for charity and it has highlighted a great sport in a fabulous part of the country – fancy giving it a go?


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