Blown away by Glen Affric

We visited the legendary Glen Affric National Nature Reserve yesterday – first time I’ve been and I was blown away. What a place – miles and miles of Caledonian pine forest, rivers, lochs and uplands. Owned and managed by the Forestry Commission – brilliant. Seems very much like a wilderness to me.

Glen Affic 1The River Affric just up from Dog Falls

Glen Affic 2A mighty native Scot’s pine

Glen Affic 7You can almost see an ancient face in the pine bark

Glen Affic 8Coire Loch – home of the rare northern emerald dragonfly

Glen Affic 6Water lilies on the loch

Glen Affic 4Scotch Argus- new species for me

Glen Affic 3The large  ground beetle Carabus glabratus – a Scottish speciality – see the distribution map below

Carabus glabratus

Carabus glabratus – map via NBN

Glen Affic 5Hound of the wild, grey shadows beneath the trees, stalk through our dreams….

Glen Affic 9Great interpretation – simple but effective

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