Flies that make the world go round

Most people ignore species such as flies – thinking them unpleasant and a nuisance – but at the end of the day they carry out vital functions in our world. I hope you will agree that these close up photos make them look pretty amazing too.

Graphomyia maculata 3Graphomia maculata feeding on an umbellifer flower

Graphomyia maculata 2Amazing coloration on the abdomen – the maggots of this species live in muddy pools and eat other animals – the adults pollinate flowers

Calliphora vomitoria The bluebottle – look at those hairs on the thorax – Lain name is Calliphora vomitoria! The maggots live in and eat rotting flesh which is why they can make us sick if these live in our houses!

Sarcophaga carnariaThe flesh fly – Sacrophaga carnaria – maggots feed on dead animals!

All these flies are common and while they may appear to have horrific lifestyles without them we would be overrun by rotting meat and carrion!

Have a nice day!

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