Wistman’s Wood, Black a Tor Copse and Piles Copse

After posting my pictures of Piles Copse yesterday I had a look back through my photographic files today for some pictures of Wistman’s Wood and Black a Tor Copse which I referenced in my blog.

The next three pictures are of Black a Tor Copse which nestles on the hillside under Black Tor beside the West Okement river a couple of miles south of Meldon Reservoir.

Black a Tor Copse 5Entering Black a Tor Copse – just like Middle Earth!


Black TorBlack Tor dominating the skyline above the Copse

Black a Tor Copse 3

Standing beside the West Okement looking towards the Copse

Wistman’s Wood is beside the West Dart below Littford Tor a couple miles north of Two Bridges.

Wistmans, Crow and Devil's TorsWistman’s Wood with Crow and Devil’s Tors in the background

Wistmans 1Inside Wistman’s Wood

Wistmans 6Rising out of the West Dart Valley

I blogged about Piles Copse here and posted a photo set here but nevertheless here is a new picture of Piles Copse below Sharp Tor.

Piles Copse 14

Dartmoor’s three very special high altitude oak woods – nothing like them anywhere else!

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