Blakeney Seals

I’ve been up to North Norfolk this weekend and seen the impacts of the recent storms. Went out on a little boat to go and see the seal colony at Blakeney Point – seemed pretty intact despite the earlier press reports.

Seal 16

Here is a young pup

Seal 12

Here is mum with her recently born pup

Seal 13

Part of the colony

Seal 5

Seals on the Point as sunset approaches

Blakeney 1

The lifeboat station – which was flooded

Seal 15

A pup suckling

Blakeney 2

Back towards Blakeney

Full photoset here

2 thoughts on “Blakeney Seals

  1. Seals did OK (90%+ survival), as they could get up into the dunes (unlike at Winterton where a concrete wall stopped dispersal). There was a hufge bull seal in the Blakeney duckpond, it went over the seawall. Did you see the damage to the Blakeney Freshes sea wall? It was flattened for c. 500m of its 3.5km length, and weakened over a greater length! When the wall collapsed, the surge tide dropped 50cm and several properties were saved from being flooded. The surge was only 5cm lower than 1953. Another, bigger, high tide is due on 31/1 & 1/2/14.

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