Killerton House – an unexpected visit

My Mum’s 86th birthday: Plan A meet her from the 9:50 from Barnstaple at Exeter St Davids – up to London – lunch at Jamie Oliver’s in Covent Garden and then a river cruise down Greenwich and then back to Devon…… Plan B: Barnstaple train late – arrives as London train leaves … so no time for the London plan so we go to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (Mum’s never been since it re-opened) and then lunch at the Mill on the Exe with my partner who has legged it down from London….

Post lunch we decide to go to Killerton House – I knew my Mum would like the ‘Objects of Desire‘ exhibition – an exhibition put together by the esteemed interior designer Russell Sage. Here are a few photos. The full photoset can be found here.

Britannia 1

Britannia 2


Dress 5

Dress 9



Dress 7


Dresses 2


Definitely worth a visit – good cafe too! but not sure about 2 of the 3 videos in the exhibition – what do you reckon?

p.s. Mum had a great day despite the change of plan :))

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