Interiors and exteriors at Castle Drogo

I had a quick wander around Castle Drogo this morning and admired the huge amount of work that the House Team have done – clearing rooms, moving pictures and furniture in advance of the Project really starting in January.

Got a tiny, tiny sneak preview of what the visitor experience in 2013 will be like too – it is going to be fantastic.

Also took a few pictures on the interiors and exteriors of the Castle.

Julius - stairs HDR 1

Dappled winter sunlight reflecting on Julius on the grand staircase

Stairs - HDR

Staircase 2

Kitchen - HDR

The pantry

Julius Drewe in his study

Julius Drewe in his study

Nursery corridor

The Nursery Corridor – will be part of the new visitor route!


The Mezzanine Floor

Drogo 2

The south facing walls

4 thoughts on “Interiors and exteriors at Castle Drogo

  1. Fabulous photos, Adrian. Especially like the one on the staircase with the winter sunlight – exquisite! Really brings the stonework to life.

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