A West Dart Walk

Our last 10 Tors training walk for the Wild Tribe was bitterly cold – as a result I was a bit apprehensive about today’s walk – temperatures were low, black ice abounded  and the wind was from the north. As it  turned out it was glorious. We all set off from Two Bridges up to Higher Whites and then on to Sittaford and then south to Bellever to Huccaby Steps.

Fantastic weather. Torquay Boys Grammar School had 35, 45 and 55 mile teams out – National Trust Wild Tribe  had 35 and 45 teams too. Our Senior Ranger Pete for the Upper Plym – lead the 35  milers and I shadowed the 45 milers. Pete got his 35 milers round the whole route in style – the 45 milers struggled a bit with navigational issues in Bellever Forest.

Here are some photos from the day.

A view down the West Dart to Wistmans Wood – a magical place

Higher Whites Tor

Lunch for Wild Tribe below Sittaford Tor

The West Dart Valley below Hartland Tor

Hartland Tor – little visited  – well worth seeing.

Some time later …. looking back to Higher Whites from Huccaby

45ers crossing the Huccaby Steps – Torquay Boys Grammar School’s version on of the Beatles ‘Abbey Road’.

The TBGS 55 mile team romping across the stones – awesome team!

Well done to all today – lots of progress made  – it’s all looking good for the big weekend!





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